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Fume Chat is the only podcast solely dedicated to the world of fragrance. Hosted by Fragrance Expert & Consultant, Nick Gilbert and Blogger & Writer, Thomas Dunckley, Fume Chat is a fortnightly podcast that approaches smell and perfume from a unique perspective. Our mission at Fume Chat is to make fragrance entertaining, informative and fun. Let's face it, it's just perfume, so why take it so seriously? We'll be bringing you our favourite new scents as well as battling it out to see who has better taste, not to mention discussion topics, interviews and special guests. All on Fume Chat every other Sunday. We look forward to sniffing along with you.
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Jan 29, 2017

We're back with another Battle of the Bottles and this time we're battling one of the greats: Serge Lutens. Uncle Serge, as he is often affectionally referred to, is a pioneer of the niche fragrance industry and boasts a range of perfumes that can only be described as phenomenal, which certainly made picking our scented weapons for this battle rather tricky.

Luckily for us, we're joined by the wonderful Perfumer Liz Moores of Papillon Artisan Perfumes to help us navigate the exotic and beautiful world of Serge Lutens as our guest judge. What ensues is a wonderful discussion of dastardly florals, butt cracks, fragrant fireworks and animal poop. Yup, it's a good one.

You can find Liz at the following; Twitter - @PapillonPerfum; Facebook - Papillon Perfumery; and Instagram - @papillon_artisan_perfumes

Jan 15, 2017

Is perfume art or is it a consumer product? Or maybe it's both!  In this week's episode, Thomas and Nick ponder the big question, discussing how perfume can be used as an artistic construct and whether all perfume could be considered art. 

Jan 1, 2017

Happy New Year! In this episode Nick and Thomas have cast aside their New Year hangovers to bring you their scented predictions for 2017. Who will release a perfume in a bottle of their face? Will oud ever die? What scent can be described as 'Rosa Dentata'? All is revealed in episode 06!